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If you want to know what is popular nowadays in France, here are for you, some of the best-selling books for this week. The first one is called 'Les Bienveillantes'. It is written by Jonathan Littell in French and is about the Holocaust.

The book is 900 pages long and is set in the time period between the years 1939 and 1945. You can take a look at the Eastern Front from the side of the desk you have never been at. The main character of this book is the witness of a very old SS guard who had a charge pressed against him for the extermination of a large number of people in the camps.

It is amazing because it shows that the people who had to follow orders at that time can be really sensitive, mild and cultivated. However, they were made to do awful things by the Nazi. Another great book is the 'Celestial Butterfly'. Its author is Bernard Werber. This author is very popular in France nowadays and is widely read. He has written this best-seller which is dedicated to a natural disaster that occurred in France at the time Earth was starting to fall apart.

The young engineer who is the main character in the book decides to construct a large 'celestial butterfly' and see if humankind can do something different with its fate. This machine can fly in space and is really sophisticated. If you think this book sounds interesting you will love Ernest Hemingway books and novels.

All human beings on Earth will be able to stay on the machine for more than one generation and survive. However, once all of them are out of our solar system, there is jealousy, nostalgia and greed that make the journey a horrible experience. When they reach the final destination, 6 people are still alive, but only 2 can go down to the new Earth.

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